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    What are chemicals including chemicals


    ① Classification of administration pathway

    A. Given the gastrointestinal dosage type has the first effect of the liver, such as: oral administration.

    B. Non -gastrointestinal gastrointestinal dosage -type people have no liver effects, such as: injection, respiratory tract administration, skin administration, and mucosal administration.

    ② Classification according to morphology

    That is, it is divided into: liquid dosage, gas dosage, solid dosage and semi -solid dosage form.

    Common Chinese medicine forms include soup, loose, paste, pills, wine, wine, dan, tablets, slices, strips, lines, dew, frost, glue, tea, song, moxibustion, junction, injections, etc.

    (1) The liquid dosage type includes: solvent type, perfume, glycerin, syrup, sulfur, rigid agent, gangsters, colloidal solution agent, glue agent, suspension, milk turbid agent.

    (2) Injection types include: injection of water injection (solution for water), injection injection injections (soluble media); injection of other soluble media, such as ethanol (hydrogenated loose injection solution is ethanol), glycerol, and propylene glycol (PEG), etc.

    There is still a Chinese herbal medicine injection, and sterilized powder is used for injection.

    (3) The infusion agent includes glucose, physiological saline, Link's liquid, mannitol, metronidazole, compound amino acid, polyol, fat milk and other infusion.

    (4) Eye dosage types include: liquid eye preparation, semi -solid eye preparation (eye ointment), eye membrane agent, eye injection.

    (5) Switching agents include: general scattered agents, bulk containing poisonous drugs, bulk containing liquid components, proliferations containing absorbing, soy pouring agents, traditional Chinese medicine bulk, sterilizers.

    (6) The immersion dosage type includes: soup agent and traditional Chinese medicine agent, alcoholic agent, flowing polminy, pinch, decoction agent, granules and pellets, and oil immersion.

    (7) Tablets include: plain tablets, sugar tablets, enteric -soluble tablets, sucking tablets, chewing tablets, foam tablets and control release tablets.

    (8) Capsules include English capsules and soft capsules. Hard capsules also include: quick -soluble capsules, frozen dry capsules, magnetic capsules, dual -chamber capsules, enteric capsules, slow -release capsules, implanted capsules, gas mist capsules, and foaming capsules. Soft capsules include: fast -acting capsules, skeleton capsules, slow -release capsules, coated corner sacs, rectal capsules, vaginal capsules.

    (9) Pills dosage pills include: water pills, paste pills, paste pills, wax pills and concentrated pills.

    (10) Ointment type ointment dosage forms include: fat -fat matrix ointment, emulsion matrix ointment, and water -soluble matrix cream.

    (11) Hard paste type hard ointment forms include: black plaster, 100 plaster, rubber hard ointment.

    (12) Ambolid

    (13) Qi mist agent

    (14) Long -term preparation

    (15) Membrane

    (16) Sponge

    (17) Other dosage type micro -capsules, lipids, storage preparations.

    (18) radioactive isotopes.