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    Pharmaceutical preparation products are analyzed in the form of market structure


    What is the structure of pharmaceutical preparations in the form of market structure? Drug preparations have great significance to humans and have a significant role. Drug preparations are actually around us. If we have a cold, we will take some cold medicines. Some people eat the "Kangtaik" of the capsule, and some people eat the "sensor". In fact, "capsules" and "sheets" are drug preparations. The role of drug preparations is generally divided into two categories. Drug preparations can reduce pain for patients. Some people are sick and do not want to take medicine, because he hates the bitterness of medicine, the medicine is really bitter and difficult to swallow. Patients suffered bitter suffering. The drug preparation can make the drug play its role and effect as a "drug". Insulin is a protein that will decompose after being eaten by the human body and lose its effect. Patients play a role in treatment.

    The future development trend of pharmaceutical preparation companies

    The development model of the long -term "heavy raw medicine and lighting agent" of my country's pharmaceutical industry has caused the raw materials to be in a strong position, while the preparation industry is very weak. At present, my country's new preparations, new accessories and new technology markets have been monopolized by foreign companies, which directly led to the deformed development of my country's pharmaceutical industry.

    With people's in -depth exploration of diseases and the progress and development of related basic disciplines, the level of research on new preparations has continued to improve. In the past ten years, the average annual compound growth rate of global new preparations has reached more than 10%, leading ahead of the average level of growth in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, the usage rate of new preparations in my country is less than 5%, which is far lower than the global average level, and the industry development prospects are broad. With the upgrading of pharmaceutical consumption, the use of new preparations is an inevitable trend, and my country's new preparation market will show explosive development.