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    Introduction of Hebei Guantang Pharmatech

    Hebei Guantang Pharmatech Co.,Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Guantang”) is engaged in the import-export business of formulations, intermediates, APIs, Food supplements, and medical devices. The market covered Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, the CIS and Africa.

    Guantang has a professional, international team for marketing and regulatory affairs, and most of them once worked for more than 10 years in the top pharmaceutical company. Besides that, we have very good contact with many manufacturing suppliers, and we know most of the manufacturers in China well. Business Development and logistics, which makes a stable foundation for company rapid development. Meanwhile, we will increase the investment in the registration of the formulations and APIs, in order to develop not only Non-regulatory market, also Regulatory market.

    We always pay great attention on team construction. We are strengthening the training of employees, but also to provide better development platform for employees. In the company management, we implement standardization, process and informational.

    We adhere the philosophy of “Quality priority”, wish to joint development with our partners.