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    Nuggets domestic high -end complex preparation industry


    High -end complex preparation series 2: The high threshold and high returns of high -end complex preparations have been fully explained in the series 1. Looking back at the development of this track in China, many leaders of this track have emerged.

    High -end complex moving agent, the next stop of differentiated development

    Compared with ordinary preparations, high -end complex preparations are a more complicated and advanced drug -loading system, mainly including lipids, microspheres, microcrystalline/nano crystals, and rubber beams. specialty. In the normalized environment of my country's drug collection, the pharmaceutical industry has developed to the second half of the high -end upgrade and differentiated breakouts, and the development investment and risks of innovative drugs are high. In the direction of high cost performance, its products create no less than new molecular entities.

    At present, the European and American markets are the regions with the largest proportion of high -end complex preparation industries. Due to the rise in the incidence of chronic diseases and the aging population, the Asian market will become the fastest growing area in the high -end complex preparation market. The clinical and listing declaration of high -end complex preparations that CDE has accepted CDE can find that the number of reports of high -end complex preparations after 2000 shows an upward trend, especially after 2013, which increases significantly after 2013, and innovative high in 2020 and 2021 It also reflects the development of high -end complex preparations in China into a new stage of development.